Backup Wall System

Different climates require different combinations of wall components for ideal protection and energy efficiency. StoEnergy Guard backup wall system was specifically created to align with the latest in building science and the new building code regulations that support both green building and moisture protection across all climate zones, from cold to hot and humid.


StoEnergy Guard Backup Wall System

A single-source, tested and warranted solution that complies with building codes.

Building industry experts recognize the need for an air barrier, continuous insulation and better drainage in walls beyond today’s typical construction. Industry organizations have written new codes to address the needs, and government agencies are enacting new policies to ensure compliance. More than ever, the time is right for StoEnergy Guard’s proven backup wall protection.


Air & Moisture Barrier

A seamless, fluid-applied barrier that improves energy efficiency and prevents moisture intrusion.

Continuous Insulation

Continuous insulation layer that eliminates thermal bridging with high R-values.

Drainage Mat & Cavity

Placing Sto DrainScreendrainage mat works by creating an air gap that promotes rapid drainage of potential moisture.


Multi Cladding

Drainage Mat

Continuous Insulation

Air & Moisture Barrier

Sheathing Joint Treatment

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Waterproof Air Barrier

Protects the wall from moisture intrusion minimizing risk of water damage and associated repair costs.

High R-Value

Continuous insulation with high R-values provides significant energy cost savings by eliminating thermal bridging.

Flexible System

Components work in flexible combinations and for most cladding types (thin brick, stone veneer, vinyl siding, etc…).

Advanced Cavity Wall Design

Promotes drainage and drying behind almost any wall cladding.

NFPA 285 Fire Tested Assembly

Tested as an assembly to meet
NFPA 285 and other fire test criteria for steel frame with gypsum board and CMU.

Code Recognized

Complies with both ICC and IECC code requirements for continuous insulation.

StoEnergy Guard

A complete, code compliant solution designed for a variety of claddings.

The StoEnergy Guard Backup Wall System provides the rough opening protection, waterproof air barrier, drainage and continuous insulation elements your walls need to be code compliant, energy-efficient and durable. This high-performing solution from Sto ensures high quality components and compatibility, and is backed by Sto’s extensive system warranty.

Cement Stucco

Brick Veneer

Stone Veneer


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