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Air & Moisture Barriers

The StoGuard® family of air and moisture barrier products serve as the first line of protection against moisture intrusion and air leakage and are featured in all Sto wall systems.

Controlling air leakage through the building envelope is critical to achieving highly energy efficient buildings. Regardless of region or climate, research has shown that air barriers can play a larger role in energy efficiency than increasing insulation thickness. But unlike building wrap barriers that are penetrated by staples and fasteners for their attachment, the StoGuard® System provides seamless control over air and moisture to improve building performance and occupant comfort.

Fluid-applied Air & Moisture Barriers
Rough Opening Protection
Transition Membrane
Sheathing Joint Treatments

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Fluid-applied Air & Moisture Barriers

A seamless, fluid-applied barrier that improves energy efficiency and resists moisture intrusion

Rough Opening Protection

Featuring a one-component, fabric, or mesh based product solutions designed for a superior and seamless rough opening protection

Transition Membrane

A versatile membrane for detail areas that provides flexible connections and continuity of the air barrier assembly

Sheathing Joint Treatments

Featuring a one-component, fabric or mesh based product solutions designed for a superior and seamless joint treatment and sheathing protection.
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