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Building with Resilient Design Is a Worthwhile Investment

With hurricane season upon us, an expert at MIT offers insights into the value of investing in what he calls hazard-resistant construction or resilient design. In an interview with U.S. News & World Report, Jeremy Gregory, a research scientist with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, looks at the benefits of building structures that can better weather a major storm and concludes that, “While it may be pricier upfront, it can pay off in the long run.”
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Sto Provides Iconic Exterior for New Jersey Residential Complex

333 Grand on the waterfront in the Liberty Harbor area of Jersey City, N.J. is a new 18-story, 80,000 square-foot, multi-family, mixed use complex offering the latest in luxury and style. The building’s iconic façade is especially decorative, featuring a stunning curved façade, oversized windows, multiple textured surfaces and vibrant colors – all of which were crafted using Sto’s high-caliber exterior insulation and finish systems. The developer wanted an effective air and moisture barrier to weather the elements, but also didn’t want to compromise on aesthetics. With specifications calling for multiple cladding types and shapes, the designers realized it was going to be impossible to develop the structure they wanted with standard building materials. So, they turned to a StoTherm® ci wall system incorporating Sto Limestone and StoCreativ® Brick specialty finishes. The result was a win-win for all involved. Read more for the full project profile.
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The Resurgence of Postmodern Architecture

According to the pundits, Postmodern architecture is experiencing a “revival,” and despite its critics, the design theme is far from long-gone. In fact, it is a style being adopted by many contemporary architects and designers. Take a look at some examples of this architectural phenomenon both past and present.
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