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Biophilic Design in Architecture for Health & Tranquility

Biophilic design in architecture is intended to optimize life by creating a healthier, less stressful living space. Essential to biophilic theory is the idea that buildings aid our physical and mental health only when they are designed holistically and in tandem with nature. Today, the concept of biophilia is supported by a more scientific understanding of the psychology behind building-based wellness and architects are embracing and incorporating these concepts into the living and working spaces they create.
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Advanced Insulated Wall Systems that Exceed Expectations and Code

Today’s architects, specification professionals, and owners are typically looking for an insulated wall design that not only meets but exceeds the nation’s increasingly demanding code requirements. Enter the StoTherm® ci XPS continuous insulation system, which provides air, thermal and moisture control without the connection and compatibility challenges that characterize other systems, while also offering multiple design and finish options.
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Aesthetically Enhanced Wall Solutions with StoPanel Dri-Design

The StoPanel Dri-Design system is a next-generation exterior wall solution where form and function harmonize, offering all the advantages of panelization, and a superior moisture barrier with state-of-the-art water management. The easy-to-install, fully customizable system also offers a wide range of aesthetic options to choose from. Manufactured with single-skin-metal, the system employs an innovative and patented interlocking design that is attractive, adaptable and sustainable. The 33-floor Aloft Tower in downtown Austin, TX is just one example of how this cladding system was a “win-win” for all, delivering speed, value and quality.
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