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Designing for Resilience—Part Two

This week we look at specific resilient design solutions and products as they relate to wind and water, specifically Hurricane Impact (HI) systems. Resilient design can save lives, structures and money. Hurricanes inflict costly damage on populated areas where they hit, causing billions in insurance losses, costly business disruptions, and taxpayer dollars spent on disaster management. With more than 50% of the American population (who account for 58% of the nation’s gross national product) living or working in coastal counties; these hurricane-prone areas call for well-sealed buildings that also allow for adequate drainage. We will explore creating smarter exteriors for storm protection.
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Designing for Resilience–Part One

Severe weather events, like the recent Hurricane Irma, are prompting even more focus on resilient design solutions that will protect people and property. Whether it’s wind, water, extreme heat, or blizzards, design professionals need to explore and consider an entirely new set of factors. Ignoring the reality of new and unpredictable climate variables could mean that the huge investments made in city infrastructure and buildings lose value over time.
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The Changing Face of Construction Engineering — Part Three

In this final post of our blog series, we reiterate and summarize the benefits of prefabrication and specifically the rise of panelization. A systemized approach to panelized construction can offer many benefits over traditional precast panels, including speed, value and superior performance. By specifying a single, versatile prefab panel with the option of utilizing virtually any desired finish — from brick and natural stone to the most modern, light-weight energy-efficient coating systems — owners and designers now have the freedom to choose the look they prefer while meeting schedule and performance requirements at a price every owner will find attractive. These prefab solutions and other offsite building processes are in fact transforming the construction industry.
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