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Sealant, Waterproofing & Restoration Institute (SWRI) Taking a Lead

This non-profit trade organization is taking a lead in helping define the restoration construction industry. A valuable resource for contractors, manufacturers, design professionals and consultants, the Institute provides important technical data and training via its educational programs and publications, thus promoting industry-wide standards of application and products. With technical meetings, manuals, videos, and third party validation, SWRI provides a forum to learn about current trends and new products, as well as to exchange ideas, discuss new methods of application and network with other professionals.
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Building Better Walls PART THREE: Vapor Control & Thermal Control

The third and final post in our series focuses on vapor barriers and how they can protect buildings from water infiltration in high-rainfall regions, as well as from water vapor drive and unwanted air movement. We also delve into the importance of thermal comfort in today’s building designs and the key components for controlling heat flow in building walls: insulation layers that aren’t penetrated by thermal bridges, an effective air barrier system, good control of solar radiation and management of interior heat generation. A “clever” wall needs resilient design components that control air, moisture, vapor and thermal conditions. Get the wall right and it can make all the difference in creature comfort, energy efficiency and economics.
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Building Better Walls PART TWO: Air Control

The management of airflow is important for several reasons: It controls moisture damage, reduces energy losses, and ensures occupant comfort and health. Airflow through a building enclosure is driven by wind pressure and the stack effect – movement caused by warmer…

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Building Better Walls PART ONE: Moisture Control

The moisture layer in an enclosure assembly controls the passage of water even after extended exposure to any moisture. The water control layer is the continuous layer (comprised of one of several materials and formed into planes to form a…

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Three Part Series on Exterior Walls

Starting next week, ARCHITRENDS is launching a three-part series on building better walls, thanks to a big assist from the Building Science Corporation (BSC) – a consulting and full-service architecture firm for commercial, institutional and residential buildings. An internationally recognized…

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