StoTherm<sup>®</sup>ci XPS Essence

StoTherm®ci XPS Essence

StoTherm®ci XPS Essence is a fully-tested system providing air and weather tightness, and long-lasting thermal performance and durability. It incorporates StoGuard® air and moisture barrier and Owens Corning Foamular CI-C or Dow STYROFOAM™ Panel Core 20 insulation. This system is available with the standard Sto Essence textured finishes as-well-as a wide variety of specialty finish alternatives.

System information:

1 Structural Wall Assembly
2 Air & Moisture Barrier: Sto Gold Coat
3 Basecoat: Sto BTS Xtra
4 Adhesive: Sto TurboStick
8 Finish: Sto Essence Medium Sand Finish
StoTherm<sup>®</sup>ci XPS - Commercial

StoTherm®ci XPS - Commercial

Series: 53.xx

This sustainable, high-performance wall system helps lower energy costs and reduces the carbon footprint of buildings. In addition, StoTherm ci XPS offers unmatched aesthetic choices thanks to a wide range of decorative and protective finishes available in virtually unlimited colors. This system utilizes Owens Corning Foamular CI-C or Dow STYROFOAM™ Panel Core 20 insulation and is shown on a commercial steel wall frame.

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