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Stolit Lotusan 1.0

Product No: 80190
Stolit® Lotusan® is a ready-mixed exterior textured finish that mimics the self cleaning capabilities of the lotus leaf. Replicating the lotus plant's ability to send rain drops rolling gently off its leaves, Stolit® Lotusan® resists dirt pick up while keeping walls clean and attractive. Stolit® Lotusan® with Lotus-Effect® technology is designed for use as a finish coat over prepared vertical concrete, masonry or plaster substrates and in StoTherm ci Lotusan® wall claddings.
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Product Name
   Continental Weather Defense
   Dow Panel Core 20
   National Gypsum eXP
   Owens Corning Foamular CI-C Insulation
   Owens Corning Thermafiber®Mineral Wool
   Sto 6 oz. Mesh
   Sto Acrylic Urethane Sealer
   Sto Airseal
   Sto Armor Mat XX Mesh
   Sto Bonding & Anti-Corrosion Agent
   Sto BTS FastSet
   Sto BTS Plus
   Sto BTS Silo
   Sto BTS Xtra
   Sto Clear Coat Sealer
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   Sto Decocoat
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   Sto Essence Fine Sand Finish
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   Sto Extended Full-Depth Repair Mortar with CI
   Sto ExtraSeal
   Sto Flexible Crack Filler
   Sto Flexible Skim Coat
   Sto Flexyl
   Sto Gold Coat
   Sto Gold Coat TA
   Sto Gold Fill
   Sto GraniTex
   Sto Intermediate Mesh
   Sto Limestone Finish
   Sto Mesh
   Sto Mesh Corner Bead Standard
   Sto Overhead Mortar with CI
   Sto Patch Extended Repair Mortar
   Sto Powercryl Fine Finish
   Sto Powercryl Freeform Finish
   Sto Powercryl Medium Finish
   Sto Powercryl Swirl Finish
   Sto Powerflex Fine
   Sto Powerflex Freeform
   Sto Powerflex Medium
   Sto Powerflex Silco Fine
   Sto Powerflex Silco Freeform
   Sto Powerflex Silco Medium
   Sto Powerflex Silco Swirl
   Sto Powerflex Swirl
   Sto Powerwall Fine Finish
   Sto Powerwall Freeform Finish
   Sto Powerwall Medium Finish
   Sto Powerwall Swirl Finish
   Sto Primer/Adhesive
   Sto Primer/Adhesive-B
   Sto RFP
   Sto Thermo Dowel
   Sto Trowel Grade Mortar with CI
   Sto TurboStick
   Sto Watertight Coat Grey
   Sto Watertight Coat White
   StoColor Acryl Flat
   StoColor Acryl Plus
   StoColor Coat
   StoColor Coat Sand
   StoColor Lastic
   StoColor Lastic Sand
   StoColor Lotusan Low VOC
   StoColor Silcolastic
   StoColor Texture Coarse
   StoColor Texture Fine
   StoColor Texture Medium
   StoCreativ Brick
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   StoCreativ Lux
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   StoGuard Mesh 4.25
   StoGuard Mesh 9
   StoGuard Primer
   StoGuard RapidFill
   StoGuard RediCorner
   StoGuard Tape 6
   StoGuard Tape 9
   StoGuard Transition Membrane
   Stolit .75
   Stolit 1.0
   Stolit 1.0 Dark Colors
   Stolit 1.0 Dark Colors
   Stolit 1.5
   Stolit 1.5 Dark Colors
   Stolit 2.0
   Stolit 3.0
   Stolit Freeform
   Stolit Freeform Dark Colors
   Stolit Lotusan 1.0
   Stolit Lotusan 1.0 Dark Colors
   Stolit Lotusan 1.5
   Stolit Lotusan 1.5 Dark Colors
   Stolit Lotusan Freeform
   Stolit Lotusan Freeform Dark Colors
   Stolit Milano
   Stolit R1.5
   Stolit R1.5 Dark Colors
   Stolit R2.0
   Stolit R3.0
   Stolit X Fine
   Stolit X Medium
   StoPowerwall Scratch & Brown
   StoPowerwall Stucco
   StoPowerwall Stucco Pre-Blended
   StoPrime® Conditioner
   StoPrime® Hot
   StoPrime® Sand
   StoPrime® UV
   USG Securock


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