Noted Artist Creates Mural For Sto Corp At AIA Expo

Noted Artist Creates Mural for Sto Corp at AIA Expo

Andrew Spear, a NYC-based, “live mural artist”, will be creating a mural on the walls of the Sto Corp booth (#1768) during the AIA Conference & Exposition this week in New York. Using versatile Sto Acryl coatings – and no other medium – he will be transforming the walls of the Sto booth into a work of art which will be posted here when it is completed. Spear, who describes himself as a community activist, cultural instigator and music enthusiast, is consistently testing the boundaries of his artistic imagination. And the AIA project is yet another demonstration of how Sto’s state-of-the-art building materials can also test boundaries and enable creativity. If you’re at the show, don’t miss the master muralist at work, and sign-up for a free print of Andrew’s work.
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New Business Model Suggested For Architecture Profession

New Business Model Suggested for Architecture Profession

A recent article in Architectural Record suggests that the architectural profession could benefit from a new business model that shifts the value proposition of practice from selling time to creating measurable results for clients. If architectural compensation models were based on delivering outcomes of the building process, including the performance of the finished building, these result-based fees, or outcome-based design practices, might make for a better architectural services business model.
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StoPanel Technology Project In Downtown Denver Wins Award

StoPanel Technology Project in Downtown Denver Wins Award

The Le Meridien and AC Hotel complex in downtown Denver is one of the first dual-branded luxury lifestyle hotel developments in the U.S. The 20-story project which opened in September 2017, is also noteworthy for its use of award-winning StoPanel Technology. Built quickly and efficiently, the project won top honors for Excellence in Construction Quality from the Association of the Walls and Ceiling Industry (AWCI) in its EIFS category.
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Restoration Of Iconic Buildings Means Big Business And Big Energy Savings

Restoration of Iconic Buildings Means Big Business and Big Energy Savings

As reported by National Geographic this month, iconic buildings are often celebrated for their architecture that has withstood the test of time, but what lies beneath those favorite, enduring facades – the cladding and infrastructure -- does not usually hold up so well. The majority of the world’s most famous structures were built long before sustainability, climate change, recycling and energy efficiency were key trends and mainstream buzz words. Enter the age of retrofit and restoration, which has (thankfully!) become the prevailing practice in preserving vintage structures worldwide. Some iconic structures that have set an example for others to follow include the Empire State Building in New York, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Sydney Opera House in Australia, the Reichstag in Berlin and the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco.
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Sto Helps Transform Affordable Housing Complex

Sto Helps Transform Affordable Housing Complex

When the aging Georgia King Village in Newark, New Jersey, was in need of a major makeover, L+M Development Partners and Sto Corp. worked together to restore the 18-story, affordable housing towers. By installing a new exterior to replace the uninsulated precast concrete facade, and using a StoTherm® ci Essence system, the building envelope was upgraded and now provides a more energy efficient, more comfortable, and more attractive residential experience.
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What Films Teach Us About Architecture

What Films Teach Us About Architecture

For decades, documentary films have been chronicling the lives of famous architects and their signature projects, as well as how architecture impacts the world we see and live in, and how design can be stretched beyond the wildest imagination. This week we take a look at architecture films – both past and present – that are worthy of an evening at the movies.
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The Cavity Wall Conundrum

The Cavity Wall Conundrum

The “Evolution of Building Enclosures”, published by Construction Specifier, addresses what’s being called the conundrum facing modern building designers who must balance the need to keep a building dry, airtight, thermally efficient, and code compliant. This in-depth, technical report offers many insights into current building codes as they relate to air-moisture barriers and continuous insulation (especially codes for combustibility). As more architectural firms push the limits of building design, ensuring a safe and efficient building envelope is becoming more complex.
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