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    StoQuik Silver NExT

    StoQuik® Silver NExT Cement Board Stucco

    StoQuik® Silver NExT System (with StoGuard Fluid Applied Membrane) Use for high impact and weather resistance and moisture protection on exterior vertical above grade walls in residential, low-rise commercial and institutional construction. StoQuik® Silver NExT Systems combine the strength of cement board and the protection of Sto – without the complicated installation and moisture exposure of traditional stucco. They integrate the moisture protection of a continuous waterproof air barrier, the impact resistance of a cement board substrate, and the versatile performance and design options of Sto’s textured finishes.

    Fluid Applied Air and Moisture Barrier

    StoGuard, the NExT component, is a fluid applied air and moisture barrier that unites energy efficiency and durability, creating a continuous waterproof air barrier beneath exterior cladding.

    StoGuard Air and Moisture Barrier

    • Superior protection against moisture intrusion and air leakage
    • Continuous coverage without nail or staple holes lowers risk of moisture infiltration
    • Improved indoor air quality
    • Protection against mold and mildew
    • Easy and safe to install

    StoQuik® Silver NExT Cement Board Stucco

    This high-performing, moisture?resistant cement board stucco solution combines a waterproof air barrier, cement board substrate, reinforced base coat and a polymer-based finish for superior performance and appearance year after year:

    • Engineered for all weather exposures
    • Installs faster than traditional stucco
    • Delivers the strength of stucco at lower cost
    • Minimizes the risk of water damage
    • Resists impacts, punctures, cracks and freeze/thaw damage
    • Available in a variety of colors, textures and architectural details
    • Choose from two systems: StoQuik® Silver NExT and StoQuik® Silver NExT-Ventilated with an added drainage cavity
    ICC-ES Building Code Report
    StoQuik Silver ESR-2536