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    Other StoTherm EIFS

    Sto offers a variety of StoTherm EIFS systems that are designed with specific applications in mind. From Rainscreen systems to highly durable and wind resistant Hurricane Impact systems, there is a StoTherm insulated cladding system that fits your application needs.

    Insulated Wall Claddings

    StoTherm insulated wall claddings provide buildings with a blanket of continuous insulation, protecting the exterior from changing temperatures and maintaining more comfortable interiors.

    Benefits of StoTherm insulated wall claddings

    • A reduction in air infiltration and heat loss, resulting in greater interior comfort.
    • Significant energy savings in both hot and cold climates.
    • StoTherm is durable and low maintenance.
    • Provides freedom and versatility in design.
    • Light weight means low structural steel requirements.

    Specialty EIFS Systems

    StoQuik Gold System For Soffits

    The StoQuik Gold system for soffits is a direct applied exterior finish system (DEFS) ideal for use in uninsulated exterior soffit and ceiling applications that are weather protected. Read more about EIFS System For Soffits.

    StoTherm Hurricane Impact Systems

    StoTherm Hurricane Impact Systems meet strict Miami?Dade County, Florida specifications for impact resistance, air and water infiltration and wind resistance for use in protection against hurricane winds, water intrusion and windborne debris. Read more about Sto’s EIFS Hurricane Impact Systems.

    StoTherm Signature

    Perfect for use in mid to high?rise buildings, StoTherm Signature is a perfect EIFS solution for projects that require design flexibility. The combination of high quality Sto EIFS components and an application process with fewer steps equates to a premium system at a great value. StoTherm Signature provides a great, cost?effective alternative to other more expensive wall cladding systems. Read more about StoTherm Signature wall cladding system.

    StoTherm Rainscreen II

    StoTherm RainScreen II is a class PB EIF system that incorporates drainage cavity and a secondary weather resistant barrier to allow incidental moisture that gets into wall construction to drain to the exterior. Providing the advantages of traditional EIFS barrier systems StoTherm Rainscreen II also provides additional tolerance for water entry and drying. Read more about StoTherm Rainscreen II exterior wall cladding.

    StoTherm Premier NExT®

    Combining the superior waterproofing, air barrier protection and the excellent performance of silicone and Sto Optilink® in StoSilco® Lit Finish, StoTherm Permier NExT is an energy efficient cladding system with great dirt resistance. Read more about StoTherm Premier NExT® cladding system.

    StoTherm Premier

    StoTherm Premier combines the best of both worlds: energy efficient performance of StoTherm Classic EIFS and enhanced performance of silicone, resulting in superior resistance to algae, mildew and mold. Read more about StoTherm Premier EIFS system.