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Advanced Cavity Wall System

StoGuard+ Drainage Cavity + Continuous Insulation
Different climates require different combinations of wall components for ideal protection and energy efficiency. StoEnergy Guard™  advanced cavity wall system was specifically created to align with the latest in building science and the new regulations that support both green building and moisture protection across all climate zones, from cold to hot and humid. It’s a system because all components were purposefully designed to work together.

Sto has you covered
StoEnergy Guard™  provides the rough opening protection, waterproof air barrier, drainage and continuous insulation elements your walls need to be code compliant, energy-efficient and durable, within an easy to apply system. This high-performing solution from Sto ensures high quality components and compatibility, and is backed by Sto’s warranty.

New Building Codes
Building industry experts recognize the need for an air barrier, continuous insulation and better drainage in walls beyond today’s typical construction. Industry organizations have written new codes to address the needs, and government agencies are enacting new policies to ensure compliance. More than ever, the time is right for StoEnergy Guard’s™  proven advanced cavity wall protection.
Building Code Requirements

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Cladding Systems

Sto has more than 40 years of experience and practical application of cladding systems, including EIFS cladding, stucco cladding, insulated wall cladding and exterior insulation cladding, which means that you can rely on us to provide the right solution for your needs. Whether you choose an energy saving StoTherm® EIFS insulated system, a durable StoQuik® Silver cement board stucco system, or a traditional StoPowerwall® hardcoat stucco system, rest assured that your building will have long lasting protection. Plus, finishes that come in a variety of colors, textures and designs offer countless ways of lending buildings their own distinctive character.

icon What Cladding is Right for You?

StoTherm® EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems)
StoTherm® EIFS are multi-layered exterior wall systems that include built-in insulation.  EIFS provide a layer of continuous insulation around the exterior of your building, virtually eliminating thermal bridging that occurs through the wall studs.

Benefits of a StoTherm® EIFS include superior energy efficiency for sustainability, tremendous design flexibility, and light weight.

Why StoTherm® Insulated Wall Cladding?


StoTherm® EIFS components: 
  • an optional waterproof air barrier
  • insulation board that is adhesively secured to the wall sheathing
  • cementitious base coat with embedded fiberglass mesh reinforcement
  • a durable finish coat which holds its color and is crack resistant. 
EIFS offer continuous insulation for energy savings 

StoQuik® Silver Cement Board Stucco Systems
StoQuik® Silver systems are cost effective, impact resistant systems based on the use of a cement board.  They are designed for use on residential and low rise commercial construction of 3 stories or less. 

Advantages of StoQuik® Silver Cement Board Stucco systems include impact resistance, design flexibility, and fast application.

StoQuik® Silver Cement Board Stucco components:

  • an optional waterproof air barrier
  • cement board
  • base coat  embedded with fiberglass mesh reinforcement
  • a durable finish coat that holds its color
         Cement Board Stucco for durability and fast application

StoPowerwall® Stucco Systems
StoPowerwall® Stucco is today's advanced version of traditional stucco which has a long-lived reputation for being a low maintenance cladding.

Benefits of StoPowerwall® Stucco Systems include low maintenance, ease of installation and a single source warranty.

StoPowerwall® Stucco components:

  • an optional waterproof air barrier
  • metal lath
  • scratch coat
  • brown coat
  • a durable finish coat which holds its color
 Stucco systems


Air Barriers - Waterproof

StoGuard – Air barriers are required in building walls, regardless of region or climate. StoGuard’s continuous, fluid-applied waterproof air barrier membrane bonds directly to sheathing or other substrates to resist air and water penetration.

Moisture Barrier – StoGuard is a moisture barrier that protects against the damaging effects of incidental water that can enter and damage wall components.

Vapor Diffusion – Sto’s system aids in preventing water vapor from getting trapped inside walls.

StoGuard, part of the StoEnergy Guard product family of advanced cavity wall systems.

  • Permeable air barriers allow moisture vapor to pass through the membrane.
  • Impermeable (Vapor Barriers) air barriers block moisture vapor as well as air.

Determining whether you need a permeable or impermeable air barrier primarily depends on climate and wall design. Please see our StoGuard Handbook for more information on this topic.

StoGuard is a waterproof air barrier that:

  • Is a commercial grade membrane that seals and protects your building
  • Is ICC code recognized for performance
  • Helps prevent up to 40% energy loss according to the Department of Energy
  • Protects sheathing and CMU
  • Is used behind eifs, stucco, brick, vinyl, cement board, siding and metal panels
  • Meets requirements of the Air Barrier Association of America and is included in their specifications





Sto delivers a full line of premium high performance coatings including primers, acrylic coatings, and elastomeric coatings that create dramatic visual appeal and safeguard your building’s value. Sto architectural coatings and exterior coatings are able to repel wind driven rain, yet still allow a building to breathe. They are resistant to fading and buildup of dirt, mold and mildew for long lasting beauty. A variety of color and texture options within Sto Primer, StoCoat® Lotusan®, and Stolastic product lines give you a full array of design choices.




Sto offers a full line of EIFS Stucco and Masonry repair products to meet your restoration needs. From surface leveling and crack repair products to repair mortars and sealants, we can help in repairing exterior Stucco, repairing Stucco walls, and EIFS repairs . And Sto's reStore program is available to provide you with the materials and services you need to successfully complete your Reclad and Renovation project and repair Stucco exteriors.

Click here to learn more about the Sto reStore program.