Sto has set the standard for assisting builders and contractors since 1979. We provide information and techniques that not only make your job easier but make better buildings that last longer. Valuable resources and tools like the Technical Support Help Desk, product installation demonstrations, step-by-step installation videos, technical material and an electronic specification submittal system that can assist contractors with their projects.



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  • A Useful Primer on Construction Drones

    Not that you haven’t already heard a lot about drones, on this blog site as well as elsewhere, but Construction Dive just published a handy comprehensive primer on the use of drones in the construction industry. Their series of articles covers all the critical issues that can mitigate the fear of flying: from getting licensed to analyzing aerial imagery data. The post A Useful Primer on Construction Drones appeared first on ARCHITRENDS. […]

  • Green Building Trends in Interior Office Design

    Even though office workers spend a large proportion of their time indoors, companies don’t always place a high priority on the design and interior features of their work space. Lobbies and meeting rooms typically get the most attention because they are used to impress clients or customers, while the more functional workspaces may be ignored. As a result, research has shown that office workers’ productivity can be impacted; some environment’s are so poor, it’s estimated that workers only spend three days out of five actually working. The post Green Building Trends in Interior Office Design appeared first on ARCHITRENDS. […]

  • Minimalist Architecture Celebrated in Stunning Photos

    As we have noted in previous posts, architectural photography is an art.  Taking photographs of buildings is much more than point-and-click. Isolating a sunlit corner of a building, or the particular way a wall curves, or revealing its surprising geometries creates new ways of looking and appreciating the built environment. The post Minimalist Architecture Celebrated in Stunning Photos appeared first on ARCHITRENDS. […]


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