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Whether you are a commercial or residential building owner looking to update or maintain your building, Sto Corp. can help you achieve the curb appeal and performance you want at the cost you need. Our Sto Studio services can help you choose from a wide variety of high performance claddings, coatings and color systems all designed around your specifications.



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  • Using Design to Address Sea-Level Rise

    People love being near the water — beach front homes, offices on the Bayfront, cultural and entertainment centers on an ocean or lakeside. The water’s edge is always alluring. In fact, 40% of today’s U. The post Using Design to Address Sea-Level Rise appeared first on ARCHITRENDS. […]

  • Tallest Tower West of Chicago Topped Off in San Francisco

    The 1,070-foot-tall, $1.1 billion Salesforce Tower was topped off in San Francisco last month making it the tallest skyscraper in the West, eclipsing the city’s Transamerica Pyramid. It also tops the charts as the most expensive building ever constructed in this City-by-the-Bay “with little cable cars climbing halfway to the stars…”Salesforce, the enterprise giant, will pay close to $560 million over 15 years for the naming rights in this landmark  real estate transaction. The post Tallest Tower West of Chicago Topped Off in San Francisco appeared first on ARCHITRENDS. […]

  • Today’s Building Codes Call For Advanced Air & Moisture Barriers

    As building codes become more complex in their requirements for protection against moisture damage and unwanted air movement, contractors need systems that are quick and easy to install while still providing excellent performance over a building’s lifetime. Air and moisture barrier systems (AMBs) can offer seamless protection for entire wall assemblies, regardless of region or climate. One such new and improved product is StoGuard® VaporSeal™. The post Today’s Building Codes Call For Advanced Air & Moisture Barriers appeared first on ARCHITRENDS. […]


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