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Building Restoration

Something Old Good as New

You can see the influence of the thrifty shopper in today’s world with the influx of consignment and thrift stores all around.  Even with the economy leveling out, there are people who still prefer to shop at their local thrift store to find that steal of a deal.

Not only are people saving money, but they are also shopping green. 

Living Green Magazine says, “consignment and thrift shopping reduces the carbon footprint while reusing items and saving shoppers money.” For sure snatching a bargain second-hand sweater from a local thrift store rather than buying a new one most likely manufactured overseas and wrapped in non-recyclable packaging produces a significantly smaller carbon footprint, makes your wallet happy and keeps your vintage find out of the landfill for a little longer.

This recycling of clothing we are seeing, translates into the growing industry of retrofitting.  In this time where everyone is more budget conscious, and concerned with maintaining a better balance between ecological and economic considerations, it’s no wonder that retrofitting existing buildings has become a top industry.  Not only is restoration a way for building owners to save money, but just like thrift store shopping, it is a way to practice the act of being green in the building industry.  Instead of tearing down and building anew, you can seek out where the defects are, strip the building down, and restore it better than its former glory.  A great example of this restoration process can be seen in this video about the restoration of Lido Beach.


Green Building

Green is the New Black

Everywhere you turn in the building industry, the word Green comes up.  Now you could look at being green as the latest ‘trend’ to pop up in this industry, but should you really do that?  I think not, because

Green is not just a trend it’s a movement.

All across the world, companies are pushing to find the latest and greatest in green technology. Each one trying to out green the other.

From green hard hats launched by MSA, to an Alaskan couple who built the world’s tightest residential building to Hollywood star of Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston and his 3 Palms Project passive home, green is spanning its reach.

In this world of maximizing your purchases, every customer is looking for the biggest bang they can get for their buck.  The bucks may add up initially when purchasing more green products, but in the long term they pay for themselves, and then some.

For years people have become more conscious of what they are eating switching to buying organic, or even planting their own gardens.  In their homes, they have switched to products that are less harmful to them and the environment.  It is no big leap to see that people are going to start looking to the exteriors of their homes to be more green.  The outside needs to match the inside.  The green movement will continue, and companies are going to have to step up their game to meet the needs and desires of their customers in this new green world.

Have you gone Green?  Share how in the comments below!